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I'm sorry but this whole episode was me basically freaking out because of all the KristElsa interaction... Like I couldn't control myself omfg. That ship was what I expected in the actual Frozen movie but OUAT is gonna kill me with this shiz.... ;____;

Dude, you know I totally thought about that towards the end, but was like ‘Nahhhh theres no way…this is just me thinking crazy” but I guess I wasn’t alone.

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Ship Status as of the S4 Premiere

  • Outlaw Queen: nooooooooo, Robin we get it, but DUDE comE ONWORK WITH US A LITTLE GODDAMN IT BRO THIS IS UNHELLA. But, Regina that v hella when you didn't kill Marian A+ bby you done good
  • Captain Swan: Be patient? WE'VE WAITED 84 YEARS FOR THIS!!! sWEET MOTHER OF
  • Maid Hood: cool alright this is going well so far
  • Rumbelle: Literally bye, cause they are on honeymoon and Rumple grew some balls and gave the dagger AND THE FANTASIA HAT everything is good, LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY PLZ AND THANK
  • Snowing: look at that fucking baby it's so cute WE CAN'T EVEN
  • Elsanna: could be gayer but we're getting there
  • Kristanna: honestly this is pretty on point to the movies so keeping doing your do guys, we like it
  • Regina x Happiness: *taking shots* whooooo even fuckign cares about you people
  • Everyone: this is some serious shit
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Okay so what do you think will happen between Robin and Regina now that Marion is back? I literally screamed so loud the neighbors called and I sobbed for an hour when he yelled "Marion!" Can she just leave? She's not wanted here. Gawd

I think that it is important to treat Marian as a character and not as an obstacle to a ship. She’s not there only to mess up Robin and Regina’s relationship, she’s there because Emma saved her and now she’s found her son and husband. Though I understand the frustration caused by her return, I think you may want to keep in mind that you might end up liking Marian, even though she disrupts Outlaw Queen.

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Hey, I really like this blog. I always love when Red Beauty and Sleeping Warrior are included. I was wondering if you have ever considered going back to all of the episodes you haven't done already and doing a ship status for them?

Mmmmmmmm, I have thought of going back, but the idea of re-watching 30+ episodes all over again makes me ehhhhhhhh. HOWEVER, if there is a specific episode someone would like me to review from a shipping perspective, or just review in general, I’m open to that.

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Me again. Have you ever thought of crossover ships? I know it's not directly in the show but they are fun. Ex: VampireQueen (Selene from Underworld and Regina from OUAT [ship named by my friend and I]) I'm just curious what's you point of view on crossover ships is my real question. They spark fun fanfics. Sorry for rambling. I'm done now.

Well, now that you’ve brought it to my attention, I’M SO DOWN FOR CROSSOVER SHIPS
Just try and tell me that you wouldn’t want to see Emma Swan x Raleigh Beckett (Pacific Rim, but I love Mako so ehhhhh). Just them being friends would be amazing. Two blondes fighting to save stuff and looking like puppies doing it.
I would pass out if Belle x Cosima (Orphan Black) was a thing. Those two fucking nerds.
Oh, and Regina x Oliver Queen (Arrow) because if they got married Regina’s name could be Regina Queen. Queen Queen.
Don’t apologize, that was a good question!

What are your personal ships and main characters :)?

I’m not gonna talk about my personal ships, I’m sorry. This is a multiship blog, you feel? But I will say that I character I love is Regina. I’m pretty sure almost everyone likes Regina, regardless of who they ship her with. And if they don’t, that’s okay too. Thanks for the question!

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